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The current login involves sending an xmlrpc message to a Second Life login server and parsing the returned value.

The login parameters are all "structs": key, value pairs. All keys and values are simple key, value pairs, except the value associated with "options" which is an array of zero or more character strings.

Required parameters

The following explains the standard key value pairs, with an explanation of "options" at the end:

'first': first --first name of the avatar
'last': last -- last name of the avatar
'passwd': passwd_md5 --the avatar password encrypted using MD5 encryption
'start': 'last' -- the login sim. Possible values are "home", last", and an existing simulator name.
'major': '1' -- the major revision number of the client
'minor': '18' -- the minor revision number of the client
'patch': '4' --patch number of the client
'build': '3' -- build number of the client
'platform': platform -- the platform of the client. Possible values may include: "Lin", "Mac", and "Win"
'mac': mac -- the MAC number associated with the client's computer
'options': optional_login --optional array of character strings. See below
'user-agent': ' 0.1' -- unknown
'id0': -- unknown
'agree_to_tos': --whether or not the user has agreed to the Terms of Service. Possible values may be: "", "true", "false"
'viewer_digest': '09d93740-8f37-c418-fbf2-2a78c7b0d1ea' --unkwown

Optional Parameters

The following character strings may appear in the array following the "options" keyword:

"inventory-root" -- refers to the UUID of the root inventory folder in the client's inventory window
"inventory-skeleton" -- unknown
"inventory-lib-root" -- unknown
"inventory-lib-owner" -- unknown
"inventory-skel-lib" -- unknown
"gestures" -- refers to the list of UUIDs that an avatar will perform
"event_categories" -- unknown
"event_notifications" -- unknown
"classified_categories" -- unknown
"buddy-list" -- unknown
"ui-config" -- unknown
"login-flags" -- unknown
"global-textures" unknown