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What are Debug Settings?

Debug Settings are defined global variables in llcontroldef.cpp that are saved to file between sessions. They save many of the user defined settings and can be easily linked to UI control widgets. See How_preferences_work for more information.

Setting Description
AppearanceCameraMovement When entering appearance editing mode, camera zooms in on currently selected portion of avatar
ArrowKeysMoveAvatar While cursor is in chat entry box, arrow keys still control your avatar
AudioLevelAmbient Audio level of environment sounds
AudioLevelMaster Master audio level, or overall volume
AudioLevelMedia Audio level of Quicktime movies
AudioLevelMusic Audio level of streaming music
AudioLevelSFX Audio level of in-world sound effects
AudioLevelVoice Audio level of voice chat
AudioStreamingMusic Enable streaming audio
AudioStreamingVideo Enable streaming video
AutomaticFly Fly by holding jump key or using "Fly" command (FALSE = fly by using "Fly" command only)
CacheSize Controls amount of hard drive space reserved for local file caching in MB
CacheValidateCounter Used to distribute cache validation
CameraOffsetDefault Default camera offset from avatar
CameraPosOnLogout Camera position when last logged out (global coordinates)
ChatFullWidth Chat console takes up full width of SL window
ChatPersistTime Time for which chat stays visible in console (seconds)
ChatVisible Chat bar is visible
ChatterboxRect Rectangle for chatterbox window
ColorPaletteEntry15 Color picker palette entry
ConsoleBackgroundOpacity Opacity of chat console (0.0 = completely transparent, 1.0 = completely opaque)
CookiesEnabled Accept cookies from Web sites?
DebugPermissions Log permissions for selected inventory items
DebugShowColor Show color under cursor
DisableCameraConstraints Disable the normal bounds put on the camera by avatar position
DynamicCameraStrength Amount camera lags behind avatar motion (0 = none, 30 = avatar velocity)
EffectColor Particle effects color
EnableVoiceChat Enable talking to other residents with a microphone
FirstLoginThisInstall Specifies that you have not successfully logged in since you installed the latest update
FirstName Login first name
FirstPersonAvatarVisible Display avatar and attachments below neck while in mouselook
FirstRunThisInstall Specifies that you have not run the viewer since you installed the latest update
FloaterAboutRect Rectangle for About window
FloaterAdvancedSkyRect Rectangle for Advanced Sky Editor
FloaterAudioVolumeRect Rectangle for Audio Volume window
FloaterBuildOptionsRect Rectangle for build options window.
FloaterBuyContentsRect Rectangle for Buy Contents window
FloaterChatRect Rectangle for chat history
FloaterCustomizeAppearanceRect Rectangle for avatar customization window
FloaterDayCycleRect Rectangle for Day Cycle Editor
FloaterEnvRect Rectangle for Environment Editor
FloaterFindRect2 Rectangle for Find window
FloaterFriendsRect Rectangle for friends window
FloaterGestureRect Rectangle for gestures window
FloaterGroupsRect Rectangle for groups window
FloaterInventoryRect Rectangle for inventory window
FloaterLagMeter Rectangle for lag meter
FloaterLandRect5 Rectangle for About Land window
FloaterMapRect Rectangle for world map
FloaterMoveRect Rectangle for avatar control window
FloaterMuteRect3 Rectangle for mute window
FloaterOpenObjectRect Rectangle for Open Object window
FloaterPayRectB Rectangle for pay window
FloaterScriptDebugRect Rectangle for Script Error/Debug window
FloaterSnapshotRect Rectangle for snapshot window
FloaterViewBottom [DO NOT MODIFY] Controls layout of floating windows within SL window
FloaterWorldMapRect Rectangle for world map window
FocusOffsetDefault Default focus point offset relative to avatar (x-axis is forward)
FocusPosOnLogout Camera focus point when last logged out (global coordinates)
FullScreenAspectRatio Aspect ratio of fullscreen display (width / height)
HTMLLinkColor Color of hyperlinks
HideIMInChat Hide IM in chat
HtmlReleaseMessage Rectangle for HTML Release Message Floater window
LastFeatureVersion [DO NOT MODIFY] Version number for tracking hardware changes
LastFindPanel Controls which find operation appears by default when clicking "Find" button
LastName Login last name
LastPrefTab Last selected tab in preferences window
LastRunVersion Version number of last instance of the viewer that you ran
LastSnapshotType Select this as next type of snapshot to take (0 = postcard, 1 = texture, 2 = local image)
LocalCacheVersion Version number of cache
MapScale World map zoom level (pixels per region)
MiniMapRotate Rotate miniature world map to avatar direction
MiniMapScale Miniature world map zoom levle (pixels per region)
MuteWhenMinimized Mute audio when SL window is minimized
NotecardEditorRect Rectangle for notecard editor
NumSessions Number of successful logins to Second Life
ObjectChatColor Color of chat messages from objects
PreviewScriptRect Rectangle for script preview window
ProbeHardwareOnStartup Query current hardware configuration on application startup
PropertiesRect Rectangle for inventory item properties window
QuietSnapshotsToDisk Take snapshots to disk without playing animation or sound
RememberPassword Keep password (in encrypted form) for next login
RenderAvatarCloth Controls if avatars use wavy cloth
RenderAvatarLODFactor Controls level of detail of avatars (multiplier for current screen area when calculated level of detail)
RenderCustomSettings Do you want to set the graphics settings yourself
RenderFarClip Distance of far clip plane from camera (meters)
RenderHiddenSelections Show selection lines on objects that are behind other objects
RenderMaxPartCount Maximum number of particles to display on screen
RenderQualityPerformance Which graphics settings you've chosen
RenderResolutionDivisor Divisor for rendering 3D scene at reduced resolution
RenderTerrainDetail Detail applied to terrain texturing (0 = none, 1 or 2 = full)
RenderTerrainLODFactor Controls level of detail of terrain (multiplier for current screen area when calculated level of detail)
RenderVolumeLODFactor Controls level of detail of primitives (multiplier for current screen area when calculated level of detail)
RestrainedLife Toggles RestrainedLife viewer features (BDSM lockable toys support). Needs a restart of the viewer.
ScaleUniform Scale selected objects evenly about center of selection
SelectionHighlightThickness Thickness of selection highlight line (fraction of view distance)
ServerChoice [DO NOT MODIFY] Controls which grid you connect to
ShowAllObjectHoverTip Show descriptive tooltip when mouse hovers over non-interactive and interactive objects.
ShowInventory Open inventory window on login
ShowMatureSims Display results of find places or find popular that are in mature sims
ShowStartLocation Display starting location menu on login screen
SkyUseClassicClouds Whether to use the old Second Life particle clouds or not
SystemChatColor Color of chat messages from SL System
TextureMemory Amount of memory to use for textures in MB (0 = autodetect)
ThrottleBandwidthKBPS Maximum allowable downstream bandwidth (kilo bits per second)
ToolboxRect Rectangle for tools window
UIScaleFactor Size of UI relative to default layout on 1024x768 screen
UseDebugMenus Turns on "Debug" menu
VFSOldSize [DO NOT MODIFY] Controls resizing of local file cache
VFSSalt [DO NOT MODIFY] Controls local file caching behavior
VectorizePerfTest Test SSE/vectorization performance and choose fastest version.
VectorizeSkin Enable vector operations for avatar skinning.
VertexShaderEnable Enable/disable all GLSL shaders (debug)
WLSkyDetail Controls vertex detail on the WindLight sky. Lower numbers will give better performance and uglier skies.
WarnAutoWearNewClothing Enables AutoWearNewClothing warning dialog
WarnConfirmQuit Enables ConfirmQuit warning dialog
WarnFirstAppearance Enables FirstAppearance warning dialog
WarnFirstBalanceDecrease Enables FirstBalanceDecrease warning dialog
WarnFirstBalanceIncrease Enables FirstBalanceIncrease warning dialog
WarnFirstBuild Enables FirstBuild warning dialog
WarnFirstDebugMenus Enables FirstDebugMenus warning dialog
WarnFirstInventory Enables FirstInventory warning dialog
WarnFirstLeftClickNoHit Enables FirstLeftClickNoHit warning dialog
WarnFirstMap Enables FirstMap warning dialog
WarnFirstOverrideKeys Enables FirstOverrideKeys warning dialog
WarnFirstSculptedPrim Enables FirstSculptedPrim warning dialog
WarnFirstSit Enables FirstSit warning dialog
WarnFirstStreamingMusic Enables FirstStreamingMusic warning dialog
WarnFirstStreamingVideo Enables FirstStreamingVideo warning dialog
WarnFirstTeleport Enables FirstTeleport warning dialog
WarnFirstVoice Enables FirstVoice warning dialog
WarnMoveInventoryFromObject Enables MoveInventoryFromObject warning dialog
WarnTeleportFromLandmark Enables TeleportFromLandmark warning dialog
WindowHeight SL viewer window height
WindowWidth SL viewer window width
WindowX X coordinate of lower left corner of SL viewer window, relative to primary display (pixels)
WindowY Y coordinate of lower left corner of SL viewer window, relative to primary display (pixels)
llOwnerSayChatColor Color of chat messages from objects only visible to the owner
scriptsbeacon Beacon / Highlight scripted objects
scripttouchbeacon Beacon / Highlight scripted objects with touch function