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This article is part of the Extended Second Life Knowledge Base that includes advanced and specialized information. This information was originally provided by Linden Lab, but is not actively maintained nor guaranteed to be accurate. Linden Lab does not certify nor assume any responsibility for this information.

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This article features download locations for the four basic types of Private Region terrain, saved as .raw files. We're also including a .raw file for flat terrain.

The first four .raw files listed are the basic shapes from which you can choose when you first order your Private Region. Once the region is in your possession it's terraformable, but you can upload these .raw files to reset your land to its original state. The last .raw file is for perfectly flat land.

KBnote.png Note: Note: Uploading a .raw file will not change or remove objects on your land.

Kbsd Islandtype1.png

Island terrain .raw file type 1 (Ruth's Retreat)

Kbsd Islandtype2.png

Island terrain .raw file type 2 (Hill and Dale)

Kbsd Islandtype3.png

Island terrain .raw file type 3 (Loch Lake)

Kbsd Islandtype4.png

Island terrain .raw file type 4 (Prima Point)

Kbsd flatgreen.png

Flat green RAW file (Plain Plains)[1]

If you open one of these in Photoshop, it may ask you to describe the file. Tell Photoshop the following:

  • 256 x 256 pixels
  • 13 channels
  • Interleaved
  • 8 bit depth
  • No header