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Let us know what you think on email, on the forum, or in-world. If it's not working for you, try to get help there. If it is working for you, try helping someone who isn't having as much luck as you are.

Mailing List

SLDev Mailing List (subscribe) - mailing list for discussing the development of the Second Life viewer. This is a high-traffic mailing list (as many as 30-40 messages/day on a busy day). For a weekly summary of this mailing list, see SLDev Traffic. You may also want to search the SLDev archives.


If you are having issues getting things built, and you just want to ask a quick question, please ask it in one of the "Technical Talk" forums.


If you run into issues, look through the bug database and see if a bug has been filed. If so, vote for the issue to be fixed. If not, file the bug.

Second Life JIRA is the place to submit bug reports, reproductions and patches for issues relating to the open source viewer.


You're soaking in it...

This is the place to post documentation, more indepth discussions, and various projects


Internet Relay Chat - your instant way to communicate irc://

In-World Groups

Resident-Run Groups

AW Groupies : In-world discussion of Architecture_Working_Group plus wiki webpages
Aware of the SL Issue Tracker 
To promote awareness of the Second Life issue tracker.
Hack SL 
"Whether you're a good hacker or a bad hacker, or simply a chaotic-neutral hacker, the undenyable fact is that the source is now open, and whether or not you have good intentions, you have full access to the code and the client. Come join us and figure out new and exciting ways to either fix or break SL so we can strengthen the community through fire and aloe!"
JIRA and SLDev Fanclub 
"For all thoses techno-nerdo-geeky of SLDev enjoying the public secondlife JIRA, meta-issueing, bug-triage and much more... Trying to organize unofficial bug-triage and bogus-bug hunting party!"
"Open Second Life viewer #opensl on efnet"
Second Life Source Developers 
A group who use their real life programing skills to make SL a better place with open source releases from Linden Lab.

In-World Locations

The Hippotropolis region is a gathering place for developers and residents interested in improving the Second Life Viewer. Teleport to the Linden Open Source Project headquarters.

Weekly In-world Meeting

Each week, there's an Open Source Meeting to discuss open source issues.