Does Second Life support satellite Internet services?

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Second Life does not support satellite Internet services.

The underlying technology behind Second Life requires your computer and our servers to talk back and forth very quickly, with each message normally taking a fraction of a second. The underlying technology behind satellite internet requires that even small bits of data take over one second to arrive at their destination. This delay (which satellites cannot avoid) isn't a problem when grabbing a web page or downloading a file, but it's a big problem for Second Life, and it makes navigating the world difficult or almost impossible.

Currently, cable and DSL are the two popular consumer internet solutions that are both high-speed and fast-response; Second Life requires both high speed and quick responses to be used properly. Satellite is not fast-response, and many satellite internet vendors take care to inform their clients that their service does not adequately support "online games." For the same technical reasons, satellite internet does not provide a Second Life experience that we consider enjoyable (or in some cases, even usable), and we cannot provide technical solutions for residents accessing Second Life through these services. As such, we do not support satellite internet services.