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==Beta Candidates==
==Beta Candidates==
{{ViewerInstallers|3.2.0 Beta Candidate|See [https://lists.secondlife.com/pipermail/opensource-dev/2011-October/008235.html email regarding this build]|task=viewer-pre-beta|build=243350}}
{{ViewerInstallers|3.2.0 Beta 2 Candidate|<br/>
==Snowstorm Team Review Build==
==Snowstorm Team Review Build==

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Many developers, both inside Linden Lab and in Open Source, are constantly implementing new features and fixing problems with the viewer. One of the most important ways that you can help with that process as a user is to install and try these development viewers and provide feedback.

All of the viewers here are under active development - there may be some problems with existing features; if you want a more stable experience, use the released Second Life Viewer.

There are several places to look for viewers that need testing:

Beta Candidates

3.2.0 Beta 2 Candidate

Windows | Macintosh | Linux

Details for these builds (build logs, included changesets)

Snowstorm Team Review Build

Snowstorm Team Issues: Functional Review build
Text formatting issues in Land/Assets accordion
Object muted by name still displays notification message when clicked
Add a slider on the main viewer screen to adjust draw distance
Graphics preferences are reset after every upgrade/reinstall to Recommended
Please update language support for Viewer (please see desc)
Wind eddy variation cannot be displayed on Viewer 2.8
Typos in keywords.ini
Orbit camera controls in the View floater are not responding
Windows | Macintosh | Linux

Details for these builds (build logs, included changesets)

Developer Builds

Everyone may post links here to viewers that should be tested, provided the viewers are Second Life compatible and TPVp compliant when connected to Second Life.

STORM-280 Chat logs should not be deleted by uninstalling/reinstalling

Needs testing on different platforms. Please report results in issue comments, including specific build number tested, and the system you tested on.

Windows | Macintosh | Linux

Source: https://bitbucket.org/oz_linden/storm-280
Details for these builds (build logs, included changesets)

VWR-25062 Add user controlled filter for web media
Contribution by Tonya Souther and Sione Lomu
Windows | Macintosh | Linux

Source: https://bitbucket.org/oz_linden/vwr-25062
Details for these builds (build logs, included changesets)

STORM-64 Local Textures
Add a Local tab to the texture picker that allows a local file on the viewer system to be used as a texture when building, with the option to have it auto-update when modified. The texture is only visible to a viewer on that system (is gray to everyone else)
Windows | Macintosh | Linux

Source: http://bitbucket.org/serpentu/storm-64
Details for these builds (build logs, included changesets)

Development Mailing List

Developers who are looking for testers sometimes make requests for testing on the opensource-dev mailing list.

Development Integration

The viewer-development source code repository is where all new Viewer 2 development is brought together. It's the best available look at what will be in the next viewer release.

This is the absolute newest version available. Note that this one may not have been tested at all yet - you have been warned.

Latest Development Viewers:
Windows | Macintosh | Linux
Details for these builds (build logs, included changesets)


Various viewer development projects working on major new features may from time to time release Project Viewers to provide early testing opportunities. You can find any that are currently available on the Alternate Viewers page.