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Event: email( string <span title="In the (string)llGetUnixTime format" style="border-bottom:1px dotted; cursor:help;">time, string address, string subject, string message, integer num_left ){ ; }</span>

Triggered as a result of calling llGetNextEmail when there is an email that matches the optional filters used during the llGetNextEmail call. The email is removed from the email queue.

• string time In the (string)llGetUnixTime format
• string address
• string subject
• string message
• integer num_left The number of emails left in the email queue


  • The email queue is limited to 100 emails, any email after that is bounced.
  • Due to bug SVC-23 (present since 2005), objects may stop receiving emails completely until either the region is restarted or the object crosses a region boundary (resetting the script doesn't help). Emails sent may eventually be received after a restart/region-cross. Hence, don't rely on this event for reliable inter-region messaging.
  • The entire incoming email is limited to 1000 bytes.
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See Also


•  llEmail
•  llGetNextEmail

Deep Notes


event void email( string time, string address, string subject, string message, integer num_left );