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You may currently post up to 5 events per day (including event edits). In addition, your friends will now be able to post events on a parcel that you own. However, you must set that parcel to show up in Find Places as a Hangout. If your parcel is not set up as a Hangout, the parcel will not be available to your friends, but will continue to be subject to other availability rules.

To further clarify, you may post an event on a parcel if:

  • You personally own the parcel and it is at least 512 square meters in size.
  • The parcel is owned by a group that you are a member of, and is at least 512 square meters.
  • The parcel is in a private island that you are on the access list of, and is at least 512 square meters.
  • The parcel belongs to Governor Linden and is set to show in Search Places as a Hangout.
  • The parcel belongs to a friend, it is set to show in Search Places as a Hangout, and is at least 512 square meters.

An event is defined as a special group activity that is led by a host on land owned either by the host or by a group the host belongs to. Examples include discussions, group meetings, hosted dances, classes, tours, and competitions.

An event is framed by a beginning and an end time. Thus '24hr Sales' and 'Non-Stop Casinos' are not events.

The 'Commercial' category was created for the purpose of grand openings, demonstrations, product launches etc. Each of these types of events should have a clear beginning and end time attached. Otherwise, they belong in the Second Life Classifieds, not the Events calendar. Posting events that are simply advertisements will not be acceptable.

The use of alts to post more than 5 events per day will not be permitted either.

The event descriptions need to conform to PG guidelines, consistent with the overall Second Life website policy - so no overt sex descriptions; sex for money, sex chat, simulated sex, strong violence, or anything else broadly offensive.

Mature events must be listed as Mature, and held in M-rated sims.

Respect the work of others -- respect copyrights and trademarks! Event hosts are responsible for making sure that all applicable rights and permissions are in order. See the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for more information about Copyrights and Second Life.