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Event: experience_permissions_denied( key agent_id, integer reason ){ ; }

The agent has denied experience permission.

• key agent_id Key of the agent denying permission.
• integer reason Reasonfor denial; one of the experience tools errors.

This event may be generated in many cases:

  • In response to a call to llRequestExperiencePermissions if any of the following is true:
    • The agent does not respond to the experience permission dialog. This will happen after a long delay if the agent is running a viewer which doesn't understand the request or if the agent has blocked the object.
    • The agent selects "Block Experience" in the experience permission dialog.
    • The agent has previously blocked the experience through another experience permission dialog or through the experience profile.
    • An attachment is asking for permission from an agent other than its owner.
    • The experience cannot run on the region because it is blocked or exceeds the maturity rating of the region.
  • The experience can no longer run:
    • The script has moved to a region where the experience cannot run because it is blocked or it exceeds the maturity rating of the region.
    • The agent has blocked the experience from the experience profile.


<lsl>// Simple experience watcher string denied_region = ""; string experience_name = "";


       llRequestExperiencePermissions(llGetOwner(), "");
       experience_name = llList2String(llGetExperienceDetails(NULL_KEY), 0);
   experience_permissions(key agent){
       llOwnerSay("in "+ experience_name);
   experience_permissions_denied(key agent, integer reason){
       denied_region = llGetRegionName( );
       llOwnerSay("out "+ experience_name);
   changed(integer what){
       if(denied_region != "" && denied_region != llGetRegionName()){
          llRequestExperiencePermissions(llGetOwner(), "");


Deep Notes


event void experience_permissions_denied( key agent_id, integer reason );