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This script is based on an extract from the Batman Follower v1.2. It is very basic. If you put it in an object, that object will keep moving toward a position offset from it's owner.


vector offset = < -1, 0, 1>; //1 meter behind and 1 meter above owner's center.

default {

       llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE);
       // Little pause to allow server to make potentially large linked object physical.
       // Look for owner within 20 metres in 360 degree arc every 1 seconds.
       llSensorRepeat("", llGetOwner(), AGENT, 20.0, PI,1.0);
   sensor(integer total_number)
   {   // Owner detected...
       // Get position and rotation
       vector pos   = llDetectedPos(0);
       rotation rot = llDetectedRot(0);
       // Offset back one metre in X and up one metre in Z based on world coordinates.
       // use whatever offset you want.
       vector worldOffset = offset;
       // Offset relative to owner needs a quaternion.
       vector avOffset = offset * rot;
       pos += avOffset;       // use the one you want, world or relative to AV.

} </lsl>