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German OI Concept Models

German speakers have their own portal for Secondlife. Work is in progress to have four sims online where german residents can enter. One or more of them therefore have to be OI's. Discussion is going on how to create an OI that will keep residents online, depending on their different interests. For this purpose, some concept models have already been created and can be viewed here.

Description of Lisa's Model

Lisa Lowe's German OI Concept
  • Starting point at the yellow exhibition hall.
  • Grey linear path for basic tutorials
  • Image instructions around the grey path
  • White area's for things like Appearance or just fun area's in between
  • Red buildings for advanced tutorials
  • Green can be a stage for demonstrations, classes or otherwise

  • The entrance hall will be big and must show many things and images/slideshows about SL
  • The entrance hall is on a hill overlooking the sim (also reference-/focalpoint).
  • New residents will stay in touch with mentors in the center quite easily
  • The environment must look natural and must have fun area's in between for gatherings
  • Sim can have a design related to Germany so it's recognizable
  • The trail is in fact linear, but has many options to leave it or do it otherwise
  • The white and red can be (open) area's or complete buildings

Description of Kurai 'n' Zai's Model

Kurai 'n' Zai's German OI Concept

(model is set up as 4 sim Model in case metrics show a need for multiple OIs. Middle Sim would be Infohub, surrounding ones would be OIs)

  • Startpoint in an exhibition area in the middle
  • Red linear path with possibility to skip parts

Description of Mona's Model

Mona's German OI Concept
  • Rezz point in the center, placed on a hill (not in the rough sketch)
  • Walkways lead downhill into about six to eight "Second Life Mini Worlds" (non-linear path)
  • Each world represents a typical SL theme, like a beach, a club, an urban build, a mall, business interior and landscapes.
  • The worlds are also connected with eachother, forming a circular route (linear path)
  • Each world focusses on one or two topics to be learned, for example: The Mall World is about inventory and buying things, the Club World is about music and media, the Classroom is about communication and so on.
  • A one click teleport system warps the user to any point of the tutorial
  • Text (either on HUDs or in-world prims) should be optional only, for further information. No one wants to read on SL, and people will ignore it. The most important content should be taught by looking at 3d objects, getting challenged by scripts and fun interaction.
  • Main interests in SL are: Social interaction, education/research, business, playing games, self-expression. Each world should focus on different user expectations and interests
  • Prim usage, graphical effects and texture size must be cut to a minimum to accomodate users with slow machines


For the moment the models can be seen on SLVEC, near the sandbox area. 7/19/2008