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Lisa Lowe's German OI Concept

Description of Lisa's Model

  • Starting point at the yellow exhibition hall.
  • Grey linear path for basic tutorials
  • Image instructions around the grey path
  • White areas's for things like Appearance or just fun area's in between
  • Red buildings for advanced tutorials
  • Green can be a stage for demonstrations or otherwise

  • The entrance hall will be big and show many items and images/slideshows about SL
  • New residents will stay in touch with mentors in the center quite easily
  • The environment must look natural and have fun area's in between for gathering
  • Sim can have a design related to Germany so it's recognizable
  • The trail is linear, but has many options to leave it or do it otherwise
  • The white and red can be (open) area's or complete buildings
Zai Lynch's German OI Concept

Description of Kurai 'n' Zai's Model

(model is set up as 4 sim Model in case metrics show a need for multiple OIs. Middle Sim would be Infohub, surrounding ones would be OIs)

  • Startpoint in an exhibition area in the middle
  • Red linear path with possibility to skip parts

3D Models

For the moment the models can be seen on SLVEC, near the sandbox area. 7/19/2008