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How to Create Gestures. Common Gesture Questions


1. Open your inventory and go to the Gestures folder.

2. Right-click the gestures folder and select New Gesture.

3. Right-click the new gesture, and rename it.

4. Double-click the gesture. The Gesture edit box will open.

5. Type a description of the gesture in the Description field.

6. Choose a Shortcut Key combo to trigger the gesture, or type a text trigger in the Trigger field. For example, /sit. Later you would trigger this gesture by typing /sit in the chat line.

7. In the Steps field, there are three default steps. Select each one and click the Remove button.

8. Under Library, click Animation and click the Add>> button.

9. Select the animation you want to use from the Animation to Play dropdown menu.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9, if you want to add more animations to the gesture. You can also add text and sounds. You can use the Preview button to see how your animations string together.

11. Click the Active checkbox, click Save and close the gesture window.


Q: I'm new and my gestures don't work. Why?

A: They need to be activated. Open your inventory and go to the Gestures folder. Right-click on each gesture and select Activate. To use them now, either type them in with a forward slash then the name (i.e. /hey), use the pull down menu (near the Shout button) or use the appropriate hot key (i.e. F12 to dance).

Q: I don't know what hot keys belong to which animation.. or, I want to change my hot keys.

A: Right-click your avatar and select Gestures from the pie menu. Edit which animations you wish to change the shortcut or hot key for ( In this example choose /bow). Select Edit and then you can replace the trigger, or the text that triggers the animation. You can also replace the Shortcut Key. Default for this animation is F4, however, you have the option of making it any F key 2-12 with Control, Shift or no additional key. That's a total of 33 presets!

Q: I am a male but a female voice comes from my avatar. How do I change that?

A: Right click your avatar and select Gestures from the pie menu. As an example, we will use the "hey" sound/gesture.

Highlight the /hey gesture in the Active Gesture menu and select Edit. On the right side of the Edit menu, highlight Sound:Hey Female. Just below that is a drop down menu titled Sound to play. Click the arrow and scroll to select a new sound. In this case you can select Hey Male. Click save. Repeat as necessary.

Q: I made (purchased, was given) an animation. How do I make it a gesture?

A: Right-click your avatar and select Gestures from the pie menu & select New. Enter a description and a trigger (type that will trigger the animation) and/or a shortcut key. Next, in the right menu, highlight Start Animation:Wave and go down to the pull down menu Animation to Play and select the animation you have. If you would like to have associated chat with it then highlight the Chat: Hello, avatar! and change as appropriate. You can add sound, waits (time spaces) and additional animations in strings as desired. When done you can click the Preview button to see your creation and the Save button to save it.

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