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What is God Mode?

God Mode is a special tool that lindens use. it has many powerful and dangerous features.

What it can do?

God Mode can do numerous stuff such as allow a linden to edit land or region info, kick,or freeze avatars,claim land or objects to themselves, and even Log everyone of second life! Lindens access god tools from the "Server" Menu. if any resident will try to log into god mode, they get an error message stating "request for special powers failed. This Request will be logged." there used to be a big bug allowing any resident to access god mode. the lindens are POWERFUL! if you wish to see what what you can do w/ god mode, open the "Client" Menu and at the bottom there is "View Admin Options". you will then enter a "Client-Side" God Mode. This can be used to view region statistics, etc. I have observed one admin option you do have is being able to fly in no-fly areas.


What do they use it for?

Lindens may use god mode for many reasons. including to be hidden from maps and mini-maps, to reclaim land, to deal with griefer situations,etc. or even a rogue linden could mess up the grid entirely. i will report my findings on the mysterious god mode as they come out. happy SLing :)

Who Wrote This?

This Article is done by Glitchez Shilova. a God Mode Fanatic

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