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"God Mode" is the term used to describe the enabling of administrative tools and features in the Second Life Viewer.

Although the features and menus are compiled into the viewer, if an unauthorized user attempts to enable "God Mode" via [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [ G ], or the Advanced > Request Admin Powers menu option, a dialog is displayed informing the user that "Request for special powers failed. This request has been logged". The options available to an authorized user can still be viewed via [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [ V ] or the Advanced > View Admin Options menu option- although "God Mode" appears to be enabled, the server will not act upon any attempts to use them.

What it can do?

In Linden-owned grids (such as Agni), "God Mode" enables Linden Lab employees to perform tasks entirely in the viewer, such as:

  • edit land or region info
  • kick or freeze avatars,
  • claim land or objects to themselves
  • Log everyone out of Second Life

"God Mode" also allows parcel restrictions such as "no fly" to be ignored.

What do they use it for?

Linden Lab employees may use "God Mode" for many reasons, including the privacy granted from being hidden from maps invisible to sensors etc., reclaiming abandoned land, dealing with griefers.

God Mode Levels

The Viewer source code shows that there are several levels of "God Mode" (each level has all the previous levels' powers):


Value: 0 Presumably the default "God Mode" status given to every logged-in user


Value: 1

  • rename objects without modify permission


Value: 100

  • Toggle character geometry
  • Take copy
  • Owner To Me
  • Set To Linden Content
  • Claim Public Land


Value: 150

  • Enable land auction


Value: 200 Difference from GOD_LIAISON not apparent.


Value: 250 Difference from GOD_FULL not apparent.