Google SoC 2009

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Linden Lab will apply to be a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code program this year.


Below is a list of possible ideas for Google Summer of Code participants. The issue numbers associated with these provide more details.

  • VWR-5560 - Create a means to use an external editor intelligently for scripting in Second Life.
  • VWR-1336 - Use streaming media image-feed to drive sculpties
  • VWR-698 - Provide a deformation editor for sculpties in the Second Life viewer
  • Provide a Blender extension for visually editing sculpties
  • Integrate the Cairo graphics library into the viewer so that any Cairo-supported image type (SVG, PDF, whatever) can be uploaded as an image.

Other possible ideas are available looking at the list of feature requests for the Second Life viewer. Be careful looking through this list, since many of the projects listed there are not suitable for completion as a summer project. Contact us on IRC, mailing list, or whatever works best for you if you have any questions about anything you see.

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