Guide to Large Event Technical Considerations

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This article contains guidelines for optimizing the performance of Second Life during a large event.

  • Please give Second Life as much advance warning as possible if you are planning a large event. Please provide date, expected attendance, location, name of event, event sponsor and event manager.
  • The maximum number of avatars on a Region can be set to 100, but best practice is to limit each Region to 50.
  • A 4-corners strategy (to get about 200 avatars) has drawbacks, since across-boundary info exchange and drawing will affect performance.
  • There is no load balancing logic in Second Life nor in the Registration API. You will have to provide this manually or through scripting. We highly recommend you test this in advance of the event.
  • Remember to plan for crowd control. It's your responsibility to plan for support for your events, and you should not count on liaisons and our community group to do this. You also should plan for technical support to assist residents who might have problems at your event.
  • Groups may be an effective way to manage residents and creates potential for long-term interaction with your audience.
  • You can use the Registration API to land residents in your own custom orientation area to give them the specific skills and information they need for your event. Remember, it's hard for people to find their way to an event if they're brand new to Second Life. Plus they'll be sidetracked by making and learning to move their avatar.
  • Linden Lab recommends considering a multiple-locations strategy for large events. This requires considering how to allocate avatars to the locations manually, via scripting, or by distributing different arrival locations. For broadest distribution, you can consider publishing your URL so that any club or individual in Second Life can use your feed; this obviously gets widest exposure but may not allow you to track attendance. Large and small audiences are different social experiences, and your event may be a better experience for residents as a series of small venues.
  • If this is your first event, you may want to work with a developer or someone who has already had experience managing large events.
    • You can find developers in the Developer Directory.
    • You can find event managers through SLClassifieds or one of the many exchanges or periodicals that have grown up around Second Life.