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Havok 7 is currently scheduled for a 1.42 server release


An early preview is available for testing on the following select regions

Regular Server Build

Oatmeal 6 Oatmeal 7 Oatmeal 10 Oatmeal 11

Debug Server Build

Oatmeal 9 Oatmeal 13 Oatmeal 14

The debug builds enable some extra logging in the havok code area, this might make them slightly slower than the regular build.

If you are able to find a crash on a regular build and can reproduce it, could you also reproduce it against the debug build, as well as filing a jira for that crash.

Note - We currently have a crash mode on the debug build that doesnt happen on a regular build.


When creating a jira, please make sure you set the affects version to "Havok 7 Beta" this lets us filter results

Click Here for a list of current bugs

Thanks for all the help.

Remember to attend the weekly office hours and join the mailing list for all the latest info. Beta_Server_Office_Hours