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What is a Holodeck?

A Holodeck is a product used to save different forms of content (either furniture settings or even an entire environment), similar to 'Holodecks' used in various sci-fi television shows and movies. For Second Life purposes, a holodeck allows you to rez a large variety of rooms or scenarios in limited space. Some systems even allow the scene to be located far away from its control panel, offering the convenience of large, rez-on-demand structures without tying up a large space in your house.

A handful of the known holodeck and panocube products:

(Please add to this list as you come across other holodeck-type products!)

  • The 'Holodeck' by Loki Clifton
  • 'Horizons' by Cheshyr Pontchartrain
  • 'HyperCube' by D-VTech
  • 'Super Sofa' by LayZeeBones
  • 'Holodeck' by Soulmates Creations
  • 'Paradise Blanket' by OctoberWerks
  • 'HoloRez' by HoloRez Rang
  • 'Skyboxer' by Ethereal Fremont
  • 'Primitizer' by Revolution Parenti
  • 'The Titan' by Jack Hathor
  • 'Room Switch' by Loki Ball
  • 'The Green Wonder' by Tina Freund
  • 'Holodeck' by Professor Eisenberg (Panocube)
  • 'The Virtual Reality Room' by Stephane Zugzwang (Panocube)
  • 'Krull's VR Room System
  • 'Mobius Box' by Fox Absolute
  • 'DRUID Holodeck' by Darwin Recreant and Ui Beam

A holodeck-panocube consists of photos. The picture changes on every wall, plus the floor and ceiling, making a total immersed "single" image. A regular holodeck will rezz and derezz prims such as different houses with furniture, and might rezz surrounding panocube images in addition.

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