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Avatar Hover Height is a new feature that allows you to adjust the vertical position of your avatar within some preset limits. This is a purely graphical tweak that does not affect your position for physics purposes. For it to work properly, both you and observers watching you need to be running a supported viewer, and need to be in regions that support the feature.

Why is this needed? The combination of your avatar dimensions, what animations you are using, what attachments you are wearing, and what pose you are in (sitting, standing, etc) work together in a complex way to try to position you relative to the ground or some other object. Sometimes the result is not satisfactory, and you wind up floating above or embedded within an object or the landscape. The hover height control gives you the ability to do additional fine-tuning of your position and have this change seen by yourself and others.

How can I try it out? Download a project viewer with hover height support included (current latest build is: [here], then visit a supported region on the aditi test grid. Currently the regions Hover1 and Hover2 will work. (1/24/2015: Blue Steel Regions of Main Grid) The adjacent SunshineTest regions do not support hover height, so you can use them to test the effects of changing regions.

How do I use it? Once you are in a supported region, right click on your avatar. This will bring up a menu that includes a new "Hover Height" option. When you choose this option, you will see a slider allowing you to adjust your height within the range -2m to +2m. You can slide this around and see your avatar move up and down. If you are in an unsupported region, the "Hover Height" menu option will be disabled. Try adjusting hover height while in a few different poses. Each of these cases is handled separately in the viewer, so testing in all of these would be helpful:

  • Standing
  • Sitting on an object
  • Sitting on the ground

What happens if I change regions? If you move to another supported region, your hover height should travel with you. If you move to an unsupported region, your hover height should be reset to zero. Your previous choice will still be remembered for when you return to a supported region. If you are in an unsupported region, the "Hover Height" menu item will be disabled, and if the hover slider was already up, it will be disabled. When you return to a supported region, these controls will be enabled again.

What if I log out and back in? Hover height is stored in the per-agent settings file, so if you log in with the same account on the same machine, your setting should be restored. If you log in from a different machine or using a different account, your setting will not be restored.

I found a bug! How can I report it? Please file a bug report using the standard process, and mention that it is related to hover height testing.