How do I Instant Message (IM) a group of people at once?

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Group IM sessions

As a member of a group in Second Life®, you can double-click your group's name in the Communicate window to open an IM session with all online group members. You can open the Communicate window by clicking the Communicate button at the bottom of your screen, then click the Groups tab to view a list of groups you belong to.

Friends Conference IM sessions

Start a Conference IM from your Calling Cards

You can create a Calling Cards folder for arbitrary groups of your friends:

  1. Create a new folder in the Calling Cards folder in your inventory, and give it a name that means something to you and tells you who/what the group is (such as "Best Friends" or "Project H.I.P.P.O. Members").
  2. Place the calling cards of the desired Residents in your new folder. You can right-click a calling card and select Copy, then right-click the folder and select Paste, to copy a card instead of moving it. This lets you put the same person in multiple folders.
  3. Once you create one or more of these groups, you can open an IM session with all the Residents in that folder by right-clicking the group's folder, then selecting Start Conference Chat.
  4. Start Conference Chat opens the conversation with everyone in your folder who's currently online. Offline Residents do not receive the conversation.

Start a Conference IM from the Contacts List

For an impromptu conference IM:

  1. Click the Communicate button on your tool bar.
  2. Click the Contacts tab.
  3. Click the Friends tab.
  4. Use Shift-click or Ctrl-Click to select friends for your IM conference.
  5. Click the IM/Call button.
  6. Type something in the IM chat box to start your IM conference.
  7. Press your Enter key or click the Say button.
KBnote.png Note: There is a limit of 20 contacts that can be selected to join a Conference IM.

Can I add someone to my Conference IM once it's started?

If you have an open Conference IM, you can add friends into the IM session by dragging their Calling Cards into the list of participants.

  1. In the Conference IM window, click the << button to show the list of friends in your IM session.
  2. Find the Calling Cards folder in your Inventory.
  3. Drag the calling cards for the friends you want to add to the Conference IM into the particpants window.

Kb confIM screenshot.png