How do I attach a body part to my avatar?

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There are many ways to change your avatar's appearance in the Second Life® world; trying to identify and use various body part types can be confusing at first! Check out this guide for help in identifying and attaching body parts from your inventory as you tweak your look.

Body Parts

Body Parts are a special type of inventory item that define some aspect of how your avatar looks. You can create them while editing your Appearance, or buy them from another Resident. You can use a Body Part to change your appearance simply by dragging it from your inventory onto your avatar, or double-clicking it in your Inventory. Check out the following descriptions to easily identify and use Body Parts in your inventory:

Kbsd kb inventory icon bodyshape.png Body Shape: This defines a preset bodily shape for your avatar. It contains settings for your height, body fat, musculature, facial structure, and other shapely features.

Kbsd kb inventory icon eyes.png Eyes: This Body Part defines your eye color, and the shape of your iris. Some Residents upload custom iris images to create truly unique eye appearances.

Kbsd kb inventory icon hair.png Hair: Just like it says, this body part defines your built-in hair, eyebrows, and facial hair. The Hair Body Part is not to be confused with "prim hair", which may be purchased at many fashion stores; many Residents choose to go naturally bald, and wear more elaborate hair objects as attachments.

Kbsd kb inventory icon skin.png Skin: This Body Part defines your skin tone, facial and body details, tattoos and makeup. Some creative Residents have discovered ways to completely replace skin textures using Skin Body Parts, allowing for variations like photorealistic skins, scaly dragon skin, and even mechanical-looking robot skins!

KBnote.png Note: It is impossible to remove these sorts of Body Parts from your avatar, just as it would be impossible for your to remove your skin in real life! If you are unhappy with a particular Body Part, you can either edit it by right-clicking yourself and selecting Appearance, or replace it by dragging another Body Part of the same type from your inventory to your avatar.

Kbsd kb inventory icon object.png Attachments: Attachments aren't technically a Body Part inventory type, Residents often use them to augment or replace parts of their normal bodies. It is not uncommon to see other Residents wearing replacement hair, or even entire replacement body suits! For more information about how to use body parts that are attachments, check out the article, How do I attach and detach objects from my avatar?