How do I find things in my inventory?

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Finding an object in Inventory can be a daunting task, especially if your inventory is sorted by Date and you don't know when you received the object. While it's easy to find an object whose name you know if you sort by name (see How do I sort my inventory? ), it may be time-consuming to scroll through a large inventory.

The solution

Thankfully, Second Life has an inventory search function! Just begin typing the name of your desired object into the bar at the top of your Inventory window. As you type, your inventory will progressively display any objects that match your search terms.

KBnote.png Note: While searching, you will only be able to see the objects and folders that match your search terms. To clear your search and return your view to normal, you can click the X at the right side of your inventory search bar.

For more infomration

For even more information and video tutorials about storing, sorting, and finding things in your inventory, check out our article on Inventory Management Tips.