How do I keep people off my land?

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This article is part of the Extended Second Life Knowledge Base that includes advanced and specialized information. This information was originally provided by Linden Lab, but is not actively maintained nor guaranteed to be accurate. Linden Lab does not certify nor assume any responsibility for this information.

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A bit of a Second Life recluse? Someone in particular giving you a hard time? You can exercise your rights as a Second Life landowner by restricting access to your property.

Allowing Access For Specific People

  1. Right-click your parcel of land and choose About Land.
  2. Click the Access tab.
  3. Select the Group checkbox to restrict access so only group members may enter. (Go to the General tab and click Set to change this group.)
  4. Or, select the Avatars checkbox and enter specific Residents who may access the property.

Block Specific People from Access

  1. Right-click your parcel of land and choose About Land.
  2. Click the Ban tab.
  3. Select the Ban Avatars checkbox and enter specific Residents who may not access the property.

Maturity Settings

Note: Maturity blocking is available at the Region level for Private Regions. Parcel maturity settings do not affect access. They are used for search listing maturity. Maturity settings for land on a Private Region can be used to allow only Residents with a select maturity level or higher.

  • If your land is set to Adult, only those with a PG, Mature and Adult maturity preference setting can enter the land.
  • If the land is set to Mature, only those with a PG and Mature preference setting can enter your land.
  • If your land is set to PG, all Residents can enter your land.
For additional information about maturity ratings, see Maturity ratings: an overview. If you would like to access Adult land and have not verified your account, see How to become verified as an adult for information. Non-verified Residents can toggle between PG and PG and Mature ratings. Verified accounts include a PG, Mature and Adult rating. See Setting your maturity preferences for information.

Script Use

You can use scripted objects to enhance your land ownership tools. Generally, such scripts should:

  • Provide adequate warning to the undesired Resident.
  • Only work within the property lines (this includes projectiles that cannot operate beyond the parcel boundaries).
  • Not be excessive in the removal of the unwanted Resident. Pushing them off the property or teleporting them home is usually acceptable; intentionally applying a script to disrupt their Second Life connection or online status is not allowed.

Scripts or no scripts, you cannot use land ownership as a way to unfairly restrict another Second Life Resident's personal freedoms.