How do I quit or leave a group?

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You can leave a Second Life group at any time, whether the group no longer suits you, you don't like the group's charter anymore, or you just want to reduce the number of groups you have.

Important things to note, though:

  • Any land contribution you have given a group (to pay for group-owned land) is removed when you leave the group.
  • Leaving a group removes your ability to edit, change, or sell land held by the group.
  • Leaving a group makes you ineligible for any pending group dividends.
  • After you've left a group, no trace remains on the group's membership list. Group notices and voting proposals that mention your name are not edited automatically, and continue to exist for the usual timespan.

To leave a group:

  1. Select Edit > Groups from the menus at the top of the Second Life window.
  2. Click on the name of the group you wish to leave.
  3. Click Leave.
KBnote.png Note: If you're the last owner of a group, you are not allowed to leave it without appointing another person to the role of group owner first.