How to identify your graphics card

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Quick way to check what video card you have:

With Second Life open, up top under Help, click "About Second Life" All your system stats are listed here.

To determine what card AND what drivers you have:

(This card assumes you run Windows XP)

  • Go into My Computer & right click it.
  • Pull up Properties, then go to the Hardware tab
  • Then click the Device Manager button
  • Open the Display Adapter tree and your video card name is listed there.

Double Click the video card listing and open the Driver tab. This will give you what driver date and version you are running.

Next, visit the video card manufacturers website and compare this information with what drivers are currently available.

GENERALLY, its best to update to the current drivers. On occasion Second Life runs better on a less current version. For the most up to date information, check the forums.

SecondLife requirements for video cards are:

(PC or Mac)

Nvidia Geforce2 (32MB RAM) or higher, or ATI Radeon 8500 (32MB) or higher

Players are playing with other cards that work but this is what is supported. If you have a card other than these you will need to find the manufacturers webpage and update to the latest drivers and hope for the best. You may also try the forums and see if anyone has posted with a similar setup to yours and got it to work.

NVIDIA Drivers:

ATI Drivers:


Cards with known issues:

  • ATI 9800
  • radeon x300 x86/sse2

Not Supported:

  • gforce MX 400
  • ATI 7500
  • SIS 661FX (onboard chipset)
  • Intel Extreme Graphics Chipset