How to link prims

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Key words: copy links prims buildings builds unlinks unlinkings constructions editing resizing moving

1. Press Ctrl-4 to open the Create menubox. The cursor changes into a wand.

2. Select a prim shape from the graphic selections and click the wand where you want to creat the prim. The menubox will switch to edit and the axis markers are visible.

3. To copy the prim, hold down the Shift key and click on the arrow end of an axis. Drag the axis handle and you will get a copy of the prim.

4. To link the prims, hold down the Shift key and select one prim.

5. While still holding down the Shift key, click on the second prim.

6. Press Ctrl-L. You now have one object.

You can give the linked set it's own name, copy, move it, or take it into inventory.

FYI: Ctrl-Shift-L is the command to unlink a linked object.

contributor: -Pituca Chang