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What follows are some frequently asked questions about the Holiday Marketplace auctions of 2008.

What am I getting?

You're getting a parcel of land in the Second Life® virtual world on one of our four special Holiday Marketplace Regions. It's yours for 60 days with no recurring land fees.

How can I get one of these parcels?

To get one of the Holiday Marketplace parcels, win one of the auctions that will begin on Monday, December 15th. You must be a Resident with a Premium account in good standing at least 14 days old. Auctions are accessible via the Second Life Land Auction block.

What can I use my parcel for?

You can use your parcel for basically anything you want, as long as its content is PG and conforms to our Terms of Service and Community Standards. Some possible uses include:

  • Setting up a shop (feel free to direct shoppers to locations in other Regions)
  • Holding events and gatherings

Do I own the parcel?

Technically, no; think of it as a 60-day rental with all the rights implied thereby -- also, there's no additional rent beyond whatever the auction price was.

Can I resell the parcel after I get it?

We're sorry, but no; Holiday parcels cannot be transferred or deeded to a group. At the end of 60 days they will revert to Linden Lab ownership.

How much does my parcel cost me, total?

Whatever you paid for the auction is the total cost of the parcel. There are no recurring land fees for Holiday Marketplace parcels.

How many plots are available? How big are they?

There are 57 plots of several different sizes available, varying in size from 512m2 to 4000m2.

What is the prim allowance for the parcels?

The prim allowance is the same as for all regions (65,536m2 = 15,000 prims).

Can I keep my parcel forever?

We're sorry, but no; the Holiday Marketplace Regions are a special seasonal event. After 60 days, all Holiday Marketplace land will be returned to Linden Lab and all remaining objects returned to parcel owners.

What's this about a "limited edition holiday gift package"?

It's a surprise! But we can say that it's a physical object that will require auction winners to have an address on file outside of Second Life (such as a residence or office) in order to rez. This address will be verified by Linden Lab after the auctions are complete.

Is this parcel auction officially connected to Winterfaire?

Not really, although this auction is conducted with the same sort of holiday spirit in mind, and there may be Winterfaire-related events held on Holiday Marketplace Regions.