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Hylas is part of the Pillars of Herakles Estate. The estate is part of New Pride Land.

Like every island of the estate, the sim gets his name from a male lover of Herakles (Hercules in Latin). Hylas was a young man favorite and companion of Herakles. During the argonaut expedition, in Cios, he was sent to fetch water in the spring. He died dragged down the water by nimphs while dipping his pitcher. Herakles cried his name in vain.

Hylas is a mature residential sim with moderate commercial activities. The sim's theme is Old Greece.

A must to see are these:

  • the temple consecrated to Hermes the messenger of the old greek gods
  • the bath house
  • the amphitheatre / Arena
  • the warship dock - with anchored Trirema
  • the stoa - A public place where people meet. Some small stalls with commercial activities.
  • the shrine dedicated to Apollo
  • the shrine dedicated to Antinous (though Antinous was a lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, he was of greek origin)

The sim has the form of a horseshoe. On the west bank, a long promenade with columns and rotunda crosses the sim from south to north. Along this promenade is the most recent residential area of the sim. That area has modern condos for rent. The north and the east bank of the sim has mixed residential and public buildings. In these areas the land is for sale. In the center of the sim under water level there is an aquadome that can be accessed through the public teleporter serving all places on the sim. This teleporter is just on the main teleporting spot for the sim.

Hylas has a party beach, with parties every month or more.