I'm experiencing issues with Intel Extreme graphics

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Intel Extreme graphics presents some unique issues that are covered in this article.


  • Second Life gives me a message about my Intel Extreme graphics.
  • I'm having problems inworld while using Intel Extreme graphics.


Intel Extreme graphics are not compatible with Second Life. It may be possible for certain configurations of hardware and software to successfully run Second Life while using Intel Extreme graphics; however, these configurations are not inherently stable, and small changes to Second Life (as Linden Lab provides better graphical features and support for compatible graphics cards) may leave these systems once again unable to use Second Life due to incompatibility.

To ensure you can use Second Life, your computer hardware should always meet or exceed the Minimum System Requirements.


My computer has Intel Extreme graphics, but I've since bought and installed a new graphics card. Why am I getting this error?


Installing a graphics card is a complicated process; it may be that the original Intel graphics are not completely disabled. When adding a new graphics card, the old card must be disabled in two places:

  • In the Windows Device Manager (in the Control Panel, under System). Note that the card must be disabled and not uninstalled.
  • In the system BIOS, which can be entered when the computer powers on.

Unfortunately, we can't provide detailed steps for configuring your BIOS, as they differ greatly.