IEEE Internet Computing: VWRAP for Virtual Worlds interop

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A brief history of virtual worlds

  • <<<The only thing I can bring to this section is a small acquaintance since 1996 with what became ActiveWorlds, a decade of excessive online gaming in 3 major MMOs, and 5 years of Second Life + a little Opensim. I don't consider that a usable background for writing a history of VWs. Morg>>>

The Second Life virtual world model

  • <<<Intro to Linden Lab and the rise of SL>>>
  • <<<Paragraph on the SL grid/simulator/client model>>>
  • <<<Short paragraph on the SL data model>>>

Opensim and open source virtual worlds

Narrowing the VW interop problem space

VWRAP: a services model of VW interop

Access control through capabilities

VWRAP workgroup charter and goals