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[[Category:Content Creation]]
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The easiest way to find out where someone got a particular outfit is to introduce yourself and ask! Many Residents have become good friends by exchanging fashion and style tips. Here are some other ways to find cool outfits and accessories:

  • Search inworld! Click the Search button at the bottom of the Second Life® viewer, then click the All tab, and try some searches. Try looking up places by keyword for the style or type of item you're looking for, like "goth", "mens clothing", or "shoes".
  • See a stylish avatar? Right click it, choose Profile, then go to the Picks tab. Many residents list their favorite shops in their Picks, and designers almost always use their Picks to promote their business.
  • Search online! Many residents run fashion blogs and websites showcasing the new and best of Second Life fashion.
  • Once you've discovered a new designer, don't lose them -- take a Landmark to their store, add their location to your Picks, or join the store's update group (if they have one) for notices on new releases.