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===Total Group Members:===  
===Total Group Members:===  
===Group Charter===
===Group Charter===

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Group Name:

Impossible IRL (Impossible in Real Life)

This Document Is Current As Of:


Founder's Second Life Name:

Bettina Tizzy

Total Group Members:


Group Charter

1) To identify, showcase and promote quality content creation that would not be possible in Real Life; 2) To seek and disseminate knowledge that empowers content creators; and 3) To advocate for better recognition and protection of the rights of content creators in virtual environments.

Mission Focus & Statement

A central goal for us is to collect and distill what's really happening out there and pare down your options to the essence of what's cool, trendsetting and even groundbreaking, always within the context of that which is Not Possible IRL. This is not intended as a calendar of events and our selections are, by necessity, subjective and opinionated.

Impossible IRL is focused on identifying, sharing and showcasing quality content in world that would not be possible in real life: art, architecture, animations, fashion, scripts, landscaping, tools, and more. Show me, I'll show you.

Best Practices:

  • Information distribution: 1) Frequent in-world notices and 2) Not Possible IRL blog: http://npirl.blogspot.com and 3) A web-based forum for members and by members

Group Representatives:

  • Bettina Tizzy
  • Alpha Auer
  • Jolly Jedburgh
  • Miki Gymnast
  • Zee Pixel

Group Documentarians:

  • Bettina Tizzy
  • Alpha Auer
  • Zee Pixel

Requirements to Join

  • Open registration
  • Members agree not to spam the group
  • Members agree not to initiate Group IMs

(Optional) Group Related Links / Projects / Memorable Triumphs / History / etc.