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What's an Infohub?

An Infohub, also known as a Welcome Area, is a place where Residents congregate and socialize, and there are usually kiosks providing Second Life information. Infohubs can be fun places to hang out and learn about the world if you're new, although silly stuff happens on occasion.

Official Infohubs are owned by Linden Lab and mostly built by Residents, but some Residents run their own, unofficial social spaces which they also call Infohubs.

Infohubs are represented on the World Map with blue i's, like this:

Kb infohub map.png

To show them, make sure that Infohub on the right-hand legend is checked.

What are all the official Infohubs?

1st generation

2nd generation


Can I find Infohubs through Search?

  1. Choose Search > Places tab.
  2. Change Any Category to Linden Location.
  3. Search for "infohub" (it's not CaSe-sensitive).

This shows most of the Infohubs, although some are listed using other keywords.

Is there anything else special I need to know?

You can set your home location at any Infohub.