Input number of seconds, get a string back that shows days, hours, minutes, seconds

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 *  Submitted Opensource under GPL 3.0
 *  2010 Fire Centaur
 *  Description: 
 *  Input number of seconds, function will return a string with Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
 string getTime(integer secs){
 string timeStr;
 integer days;
 integer hours;
 integer minutes;
 if(secs>=86400){days=llFloor(secs/86400);secs=secs%86400;timeStr=(string)days+" day";
     if(secs>0){timeStr+=", ";}
 if(secs>=3600){hours=llFloor(secs/3600);secs=secs%3600;timeStr+=(string)hours+" hour";if(hours!=1){timeStr+="s";}
     if(secs>0){timeStr+=", ";}}
 if(secs>=60){minutes=llFloor(secs/60);secs=secs%60;timeStr+=(string)minutes+" minute";if(minutes!=1){timeStr+="s";}if(secs>0){timeStr+=", ";}}
 timeStr+=(string)secs+" second";if(secs!=1){timeStr+="s";}
 return timeStr;