Inworld Locations for Volunteers

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Recommend Locations

An In-world Landmark giver is located at secondlife://SL Volunteer Island/10/11/35 . It is a push-pin that you can drop notecards or landmarks in and touch it to receive a copy.



These are marked as Infohub on the map but only have a GovernorLinden owned marker "th_tantaium" at it's location and new residents are being assigned these a home locations.

Welcome Areas

Linden Meeting Spaces

Volunteer Resources

Help Islands

Please note that only Volunteers can access Help Islands. However, "Help Island Public" is accessible by anyone.

International Areas


Resident owned

  • French school - Accueil francophoneD: a full sim with dedicated french helper, classes, and translated notecard. (yet another non-profit sim hosted and paid by kerunix Flan)
  • Area 51D: The main french sim. Usually full and laggy, but with usefull ressources, classes and sandbox. (it's just next to the French School)

See Also

These sim are not dedicated to SL Education, but you'll usually find french helper. Usefull groups dedicated to French support : "cooperation francaise" (over 1000 members).


Resident owned


Linden Lab owned


Resident owned

See Also
Spanish speaking Groups

There are many groups where people that speak spanish can find help and make friends, some of the most important are: Segunda Vida (founded by long term Resident, Greeter and Mentor Blueman Steele), Spanish From Spain=SpaniardS in SL and


There are no "permanent" help structures for either Brazilian or Portuguese users, but you can join their respective major groups for more help: "Brasileiros no SL" (for Brazil) and "Tugas no SL" (for Portugal). People there will usually point new users to the most recently built areas with Portuguese content.

There is an island for Brazilian users run by residents called, very appropriately, BrasilD. Another place is listed as having information for Brazilian users: PSDB - Diretorio SLD. A low-traffic Portuguese forum is available on

Multi Language

NCI INTERNATIONALD. An International Learning Area and Tutorial Area