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KB2 Article Transcluded KB Articles New URL
KB2/Account balance Linden Lab Official:How can I use my US dollar balance?

Linden Lab Official:How do I view statements of my account activity in printable PDF form?
Linden Lab Official:How long does it take to process credits?
Linden Lab Official:I made a mistake in my request to process account credits (US$ to check or Paypal). How do I cancel the request?
Linden Lab Official:Information on wire transfers
Linden Lab Official:Instructions for completing wire transfers
Linden Lab Official:Instructions for setting up Process Credit payments through wire transfer

KB2/Account credentials Linden Lab Official:How do I change my password?

Linden Lab Official:I forgot my password. What should I do?
Linden Lab Official:How do I login if I forgot my Second Life name?
Linden Lab Official:Someone else has my password; I may have been the victim of fraud.

KB2/Accounts overview No transclusions. TBD
KB2/Age verification Linden Lab Official:How to become verified as an adult

Linden Lab Official:Age Verification FAQ
Linden Lab Official:Do my alternate accounts need to be age-verified if I verified my main account?
Linden Lab Official:What are the different types of Account Verification?

KB2/Age verification parcel and estate management features Linden Lab Official:Age Verification Parcel and Estate Management Features
KB2/Alpha channels Alpha channels
KB2/Animation guide Animation Guide

Creating and uploading animations - Video Tutorial

KB2/AvaLine Linden Lab Official:Frequently asked questions about AvaLine: Dial an Avatar
KB2/Avatar attachments No transclusions. TBD
KB2/Basic movement controls Moving your avatar

Using vehicles

KB2/Beginning land owner FAQ Beginner Landowners FAQ TBD
KB2/Billing How can I view/change my account/billing information

Linden Lab Official:Do I need a credit card or Paypal? What if I don't have one?
Linden Lab Official:Second Life Billing Policies
Linden Lab Official:Paying for Private Regions and special Paypal issues
Linden Lab Official:Did you make a mistake when you billed me for my Mainland land holdings?
Linden Lab Official:Credit Card Failure
Linden Lab Official:Preventing common billing problems
Linden Lab Official:Contacting Linden Lab Billing

KB2/Build Tools How do I build objects?

How do I link an object together?
How to use Undo - with Video Tutorial
How to use the building grid - Video Tutorial

KB2/Building tips Inventory: How the Coalesce feature works

I want to build something with other people; how do I let them edit my objects?
How do I ensure I'm shown as the creator of my content?
Move build

KB2/Buying land How do I buy land?

How do I find land to buy?
How Do Land Sales in Private Regions Work?
Linden Lab Official:How do I confirm my land use tier?
Linden Lab Official:Protected Land FAQ
How objects (prims) on land are calculated
Can I buy mainland parcels directly from Linden Lab instead of from another Resident?
Renting land to other people

KB2/Buying private Regions Linden Lab Official:Private Region Types

Linden Lab Official:Buying land in the Land Store
Linden Lab Official:Guidelines for Private Region Naming
Is it possible for two people to order adjacent private Regions at the same time?
Linden Lab Official:Estate and Private Region Customizations
Linden Lab Official:Setup Fees for Land Inworld After April 24, 2008
Linden Lab Official:Can I rent a Region for a special event?
Linden Lab Official:Invoicing for Special Orders of Land in Second Life

KB2/Camera (point of view) controls Camera


KB2/Classified advertisements Linden Lab Official:Classifieds FAQ
KB2/Click actions Click actions

How do I right-click on a Mac when my mouse only has one button?

KB2/Creating and disbanding groups How do I create my own group?

How do I disband or delete a group?
Linden Lab Official:My group was disbanded; can I get it back?

KB2/Creating clothing and tattoos Creating clothing

Creating Tattoos

KB2/Creating notecards How to create and send a notecard - with Video Tutorial

How can I attach a landmark or inventory item to a notecard?

KB2/Destination guide What is the Second Life Destination Guide?
KB2/Editing terrain How to Use the Edit Terrain Tool
KB2/Environment editor The Environment Editor

Introduction to Atmospheric Effects
Advanced Sky Editor
Day Cycle Editor
Advanced Water Settings

KB2/Filing an abuse report Linden Lab Official:Filing an Abuse Report
KB2/Friends and partnering Partnering

How do I add someone to my Contacts list?
I want to build something with other people; how do I let them edit my objects?

KB2/Gestures, emotes, and animation Animation Guide

How do I start dancing?
How do I stop dancing?
How to create and use gestures - Video Tutorial

KB2/Getting started I want to try Second Life! Where do I begin?

How do I get the Second Life viewer?
Linden Lab Official:Support Tickets Explained

KB2/Graphics cards Graphics cards
KB2/Group moderation About group moderation
KB2/Group roles Group Roles
KB2/Group-owned land How do I deed land to a group?

Estates, Private Regions, and Groups
How do I reclaim land that is deeded to a group?
How do I manage objects on group-owned land?
Linden Lab Official:How do I change or remove group land contributions?
How do I reclaim group land?
How can I tell if land is deeded to a group?
How to change your group land contribution from one group to another
How does group-owned land work?

KB2/Groups overview What are groups?

What is a group tag or title?
How do I change the title above my avatar's name?

KB2/HUDs How to use HUDs, and locate an off-screen HUD - Video Tutorial
KB2/How do I get Linden dollars Linden Lab Official:How do I get Linden Dollars?
KB2/Infohubs Infohub
KB2/Instant messages How do I Instant Message (IM) someone?

Where are my chat and IM logs stored?
Offline Instant Messages
How do I log chat and instant messages?
How do I Instant Message (IM) a group of people at once?
Instant Messaging (IM) FAQ

KB2/Inventory links Inventory links
KB2/Inventory management Inventory management tips

How do I find out how many things I have in my inventory?

KB2/Inventory system folders System folder

How does the Library work

KB2/Land parcel media Parcel media
KB2/Limits Limits
KB2/Linden Home FAQ Linden Lab Official:Linden Home/FAQ
KB2/Linden Home overview Linden Lab Official:Linden Home

Linden Lab Official:Linden Home/Covenant

KB2/Linden Home reference guide Linden Lab Official:Linden Home Help Guide
KB2/Linden dollars Linden Lab Official:How do I get my stipend?

Linden Lab Official:How do I buy Linden dollars (L$) on the LindeX
Linden Lab Official:How do I sell Linden dollars (L$) on the LindeX?

KB2/Login failure No transclusions. TBD
KB2/Managing groups How do I invite someone to a group I'm in?

How do I eject someone from a group?
Linden Lab Official:Can I change a group's name?
Linden Lab Official:Can I delete a group notice after I've posted it

KB2/Managing land How to join and split land

How can I get more prims on my land?
How do I return other peoples' objects?
I don't want people to use a SLurl to access my land
Linden Lab Official:I'm experiencing parcel encroachment. How do I get the offender to move the unwanted object?
Freezing, ejecting, and banning
How do I keep people off my land?
What does the "Object Entry" option do?
How can I make my land appear in the Places tab in Search?

KB2/Managing private Regions Telehub

Linden Lab Official:Private Region Transfer FAQ
Linden Lab Official:Estate and Private Region Moving and Renaming
Linden Lab Official:Can I rotate my Private Region?
How do I backup & restore private region terrain
Linden Lab Official:How do I allow someone to buy a Private Region in a space that is next to mine?
How Do Land Sales in Private Regions Work?
How do I reclaim land parcels from tenants in a Private Region?
Linden Lab Official:Estate and Private Region Autosaves and Restores (Rollbacks)

KB2/Managing your group memberships How do I join a group?

How do I change the title above my avatar's name?
How do I find a group?
How do I get group money?
How do I quit or leave a group?
How do I hide my group?
What is a group liability? - Video Tutorial
Linden Lab Official:How are group dividends calculated?
How do I invite someone to a group I'm in?
Who is the owner of a group?
Group Roles

KB2/Maturity ratings Linden Lab Official:Maturity ratings: an overview

Linden Lab Official:Setting your maturity preferences
Linden Lab Official:Maturity ratings and inworld search
Linden Lab Official:Maturity ratings and media access

KB2/Muting Linden Lab Official:How to Mute Another Resident or Object

Can I mute group IMs?
Linden Lab Official:Someone in Second Life who I don't like keeps Instant Messaging me and following me around. What can I do?
How do I stop another Resident's particles from appearing?
Only friends and groups can call or IM me

KB2/Navigating the world How do I teleport somewhere?

Mass teleport
How do I use Landmarks?
Setting your Home location
Changing your login location

KB2/Object permissions Linden Lab Official:How do I keep someone from selling my stuff?

Original Copy Contents

KB2/Outfits Saving Outfits

Inventory links

KB2/Permissions on objects How do I set permissions on an object?

Linden Lab Official:How do I get permissions back for something I gave to someone else?
Next-owner permissions FAQ

KB2/Preferences guide Preferences window

How can I reset my graphics settings to the way they were when I first installed Second Life?
How do I turn off particles?

KB2/Private Regions Linden Lab Official:Estate FAQ

Linden Lab Official:Private Region (Island) FAQ
Linden Lab Official:About Homesteads
Linden Lab Official:Information about Openspaces (Void Regions)

KB2/Renting and selling land How do I sell land?

Renting land to other people
Renting land
Who is the owner of a parcel of land?
Linden Lab Official:Some landowners seem to be charging their own tier for land in US$ through Paypal or some other system -- what's going on?

KB2/SLurls Using Second Life URLs (SLurls)
KB2/Scripting object behavior How do I make an object do something?

Where can I get scripting help?

KB2/Sculpted primitives What is a Sculpted Prim?

How Do I Make a Sculpted Prim?

KB2/Second Life Answers overview What is Second Life Answers?
KB2/Selling objects How do I sell things?

How to open and sell boxes - Video Tutorial
Linden Lab Official:Advertising Rules & Etiquette

KB2/Shared Media Adding Shared Media to an object

Showing Shared Media at the right aspect ratio
Navigating Shared Media

KB2/Sharing inventory items How do I give someone an object, like a gift?

Giving inventory

KB2/Shopping Marketplace/Opening boxes

Shopping Safety
I'm wearing a box! I paid for some item(s), but all I got was a prim. What's wrong?

KB2/Statistics bar guide Statistics Bar Guide
KB2/Taking screenshots How do I take pictures or snapshots of things inworld?
KB2/Text chat Emote

How do I chat?
How far does my voice carry?
How do I log chat and instant messages?
How do I Instant Message (IM) someone?
Where are my chat and IM logs stored?

KB2/Textures overview Intro to Textures - Video Tutorial

Saving textures

KB2/The About Land window The About Land window
KB2/The Region/Estate window The Region-Estate window
KB2/The world map and mini-map How do I use the World Map


KB2/Uploading assets Uploading images and sounds

Uploading animations
Supported file types for upload

KB2/Voice Morphing Voice Morphing
KB2/Voice chat How to use voice
KB2/Voice chat FAQ Voice FAQ