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Key words: shortcuts keyboards hotkeys ctrl control shift quick

Ctrl-F Find

Ctrl-G Gestures

Ctrl-H Chat History

Ctrl-I Inventory

Ctrl-L Link (selected objects in edit)

Ctrl-M World Map

Ctrl-P Preferences

Ctrl-R Run Mode

Ctrl-T Instant Message

Ctrl-U Upload Image

Ctrl-Z Undo (once while in edit - chat window off)

Ctrl-Alt-D Open/Close Debug menu (some systems require Ctrl-Shift-Alt-D)

Ctrl-Alt-M Mouse Moves Sun (requires Debug menu on)

Ctrl-Alt-T Highlight Transparent

Ctrl-Alt-6 All Fog Off (Fog is SL fog must be reset every log in)

Ctrl-Shift-A Start/Stop Movie to Disk

Ctrl-Shift-L Unlink (selected objects in edit)

Ctrl-Shift-M MiniMap

Ctrl-Shift-N Force Sunset (requires Debug menu on)

Ctrl-Shift-S Snapshots

Ctrl-Shift-1 Sim Stats (you will need to turn off the minimap to view the full stats page)

Ctrl-Shift-3 Texture Console (to view textures on a particular object right click and go into edit and then press ALT 3 , the textures for all sides of that object will be highlighted in yellow)

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-= Turn particle effects on/off.

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-3 Remove all Linden trees. This is a toggle... press again to turn trees back on.

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-5 Remove ground cover. This is a toggle... press again to turn ground cover back on.

Shift and Drag Copy object in edit

Pan and Zoom Camera: To pan around an object hold down the Alt key and left-click an object or avatar then use the left and right arrows to pan around & page up and page down to zoom in & out (this function goes circular around an object).

Strafe Camera: Hold down Ctrl-Alt-Shift and left-click an object or avatar then use the arrow keys to strafe left right up or down. (this goes vertical and horizontal on an object view).

contributor: -Jennyfur Peregrine