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New Labels added April 21, 2011

English French German Spanish Portuguese
Search Rechercher Suchen
From the way this label is used it seems that "Search" is a noun. The gramatically correct translation then would be "Suche". Torb.jpg Torben 13:07, 3 May 2011 (PDT)
It's better "Búsqueda", noun, not verb.
(see the comments of the Spanish team in this Google Doc).

New Labels added April, 2011

KBnote.png Note: Initially, there are not many non-English articles with these labels, and so they labels may not appear in the "filter list."
English French German Spanish Portuguese
Customer Support Assistance client Support Soporte al cliente
It's better "Atención al cliente".
(see the comments of the Spanish team in this Google Doc).
Community Platform

Plate-forme communautaire Community-Plattform

Plataforma comunitaria
We are still debating (see this Google Doc).
Espaço da comunidade

Original KB Labels


English German Suggested Translation Comments
Abuse and Griefing Missbrauch und Griefing I don't know how widely the SL-ism/Internet-ism "griefing" is known in German. AFAIK, it's not even an anglicism. "to grief" (other than "to grieve") isn't a proper English verb, is it? --Boroondas Gupte
This is a tough one... I believe "Griefing" comes from Grief Player (short: Griefer). Do you have any alternative suggestions? How about translating it as "Abuse and Harassment" (Missbrauch und Belästigung)? Torb.jpg Torben
Account Konto Benutzerkonto ... assuming "Account" is about the user account. "Konto" alone and without context usually means "bank account", so "Benutzerkonto" will be less ambiguous. --Boroondas Gupte
Warning Sign.png "Account" is used more broadly in KB articles and viewer strings. In the glossary "account" is translated as "Konto" because there´s terms like "account summary" and "account history" Torb.jpg Torben
Avatar Avatar Can stay as-is, it's Sanskrit anyway. :-P --Boroondas Gupte
Getting Started Anfänger "Anfänger", although technically a neutral term, might be perceived as dismissive by some. --Boroondas Gupte

Torben suggests using "Erste Schritte" instead.

Billing Zahlung/Rechnung Abrechnung "Zahlung/Rechnung" is fine, too. --Boroondas Gupte
Buying and Selling Kauf und Verkauf Handel "Kauf und Verkauf" might be better, depending on the scope of the label. --Boroondas Gupte
Content Creation Inhaltserstellung Inhalte erstellen Just because German allows you to join arbitrary nouns doesn't mean you should do so. --Boroondas Gupte
So true! Torb.jpg Torben
Communication Kommunikation
Controls Steuerungen Steuerung In German, plural is rather strange for this. --Boroondas Gupte
Groups Gruppen
Inventory Inventar
Land Land
Linden dollars (L$) Linden dollars (L$) Linden Dollar (L$) "Dollar" is a noun, thus must be capitalized in German. The German word "Dollar" has two plurals, "Dollar" and "Dollars". When speaking about prices or generally amounts of money, the first one (without 's') is used. The second plural form is only used to refer to physical money (several coins or bills). Though, with "Dollar" being a foreign word, even native speakers of German might disagree on this. --Boroondas Gupte

This is a funny catch as the style guide asks for the term "Linden Dollars" to be capitalized ;) The "Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache" permits adding the suffix s to indicate plural for currencies. So Euro/Euros and Dollar/Dollars would be correct. There is indeed a contrary discussion about use cases. Traditionally we had currencies that didn´t allow suffixes (Taler/Mark). Anyway, Linden Dollar (L$) sounds good for german... --Torb.jpg Torben 15:17, 21 April 2011 (PDT)

I just corrected the Style Guide. The correct capitalization is "Linden dollar." The word "dollar" is not capitalized in English. German is of course another story :-). --Rand Linden 12:51, 12 May 2011 (PDT)

Maturity Alterseinstufung "Altersbeschränkung" (age restriction) or "Jugendschutz" (protection of minors) are common terms but might have legal implications. --Boroondas Gupte
Warning Sign.png This is a term from the glossary too. It does seem to be deprecated though. Might need some brainstorming. Torb.jpg Torben
Navigation Navigation
Reference Referenz Not really sure what this category is supposed to refer (sic!) to. Glossaries etc.? --Boroondas Gupte
Rand, we need some help here... This label so makes no sense until you enlighten us :) Torb.jpg Torben
Social Soziale Medien Soziales "Soziale Medien" is usually only used as translation for the English "Social Media", thus only referring to modern stuff (mostly "Web 2.0"), not media which are or can be used socially in general. The nominalization "Soziales" ("Social stuff") is a bit of a cheap resort, but I can't think of a better term right now. --Boroondas Gupte
"Soziale Medien" is plain wrong. Noting "Soziale Interaktion" as discussion item. Torb.jpg Torben


English French
Abuse and Griefing Infractions et comportements visant à semer le trouble
Account Compte
Avatar Avatar
Getting Started Premiers pas
Billing Facturation/paiement
Buying and Selling Achats et ventes
Content Creation Création de contenu
Communication Communication
Controls Contrôles
Groups Groupes
Inventory Inventaire
Land Terrains
Linden dollars (L$) Linden dollars (L$)
Maturity Catégories de contenu
Navigation Navigation
Reference Référence
Social Social


English Spanish We think... Comments
Abuse and Griefing Infracciones y comportamiento indebido It is better "Infracciones" See why in our comments in this Google Doc.
Account Cuenta OK Commented in this Google Doc.
Avatar Avatar OK Commented in this Google Doc.
Getting Started Principiante It is better "Primeros pasos" See why in our comments in this Google Doc.
Billing Facturación OK Commented in this Google Doc.
Buying and Selling Compra y venta OK Commented in this Google Doc.
Content Creation Creación de contenido Working on it, we are still debating in this Google Doc.
Communication Comunicación Working on it, we are still debating in this Google Doc.
Controls Controles Working on it, we are still debating in this Google Doc.
Groups Grupos OK Commented in this Google Doc.
Inventory Inventario OK Commented in this Google Doc.
Land Terreno It is better "Terrenos" See why in our comments in this Google Doc.
Linden dollars (L$) Dólares Linden (L$) OK Commented in this Google Doc.
Maturity Calificación OK Commented in this Google Doc.
Navigation Navegación Working on it, we are still debating in this Google Doc.
Reference Referencia  ????? Rand or any Linden: we need more information about what is this "reference".
Social Social Working on it, we are still debating in this Google Doc.


English Portuguese
Abuse and Griefing Abuso e griefing
Account Conta
Avatar Avatar
Getting Started Primeiros passos
Billing Pagamento de contas
Buying and Selling Compras e vendas
Content Creation Criação de conteúdo
Communication Comunicação
Controls Controles
Groups Grupos
Inventory Inventário
Land Terrenos
Linden dollars (L$) Dólares Linden (L$)
Maturity Maturidade
Navigation Navegação
Reference Referência
Social Social