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(The List)
(The Fine Print)
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* All sales are final.
* All sales are final.
=== The List ===
=== The List ===

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Bay City TSL Parcel Pre-Order List

The Fine Print

  • You have until June 1st to claim your parcel as listed here. If it is not claimed by that time, it will be set to "sell to anyone".
  • We've done our best to honor requests for size, proximity and number of parcels, per the order form. As such, this parcel list is final...please don't ask a Linden for a different parcel.
  • All Bay City sims allow for 2x prims.
  • Parcels cannot be divided or joined.
  • All sales are final.

The List

(in alphabetical order)

1000 Carlos

Aeterno Bravin

Alex Harbinger

Alister Harrington

Andrew Montagne

Ars Torok

Atticus Nirpaw

Astro Condor

Austen Indigo

Blue Backbite

Boa Kirax

Bob Bailly

Brian30 Cortes

Brooke Barmy

Calade Lamington

Cexxy Littlething

Chilko Tardis

Chrome Darkes

Cody Bracken

Cory Bjornson

Commerce Sellers

Debaser Woodget

Doug Falta

Dusty Roff

Emporer Spitteler

En Bergbahn

Eragon Li

Eric Mauvaise

Eriksson Hawks

Fred Kinsei

Geeky Han

Gello Canning

Gerald Perhaps

Ghirardell McDowwll

Goku Neumann x2

Gracie Finsbury

Grimreaper Kyomoon

Hiroth Aabye

Iron Acronym

ironinjax andrew

Jaden Oceanlane

Jason Venera

Jay Clostermann

Jacob Primeau

Jefferson Emmons

Jimmy Inglewood

Jon Daikon

Kaeman Demar

Kitty Qunhua

Krypt Aeon x2

Kyrunami Spyker

Litoralis Alter

Malifico Bade

mikey Hak x2

Mikey Parx

Mikey String

Mikkel Mercy

Minidude Saule

Mortimer Starostin

Neo Koga

peyton Seomun

Puck Rinkitink

Reed Zerbino

Rob scheflo

Ryan Haifisch

Sebastian Ogg

Sharifa Morenz

Shaun Banshee

Silus Dagger

Sin Kovacs

Skathirev Radek x2

Skye Mehler

SNIM Outlander

Spark Kirax

Sparkles Runo

Steven Wilberg

Storm Basiat

Sylver Bu

Syn Swindlehurst

Taylor Wynn

TC Flintoff

Ty Dejavu

Tylerferland Cork / Tylerferland Brown

UnlimitedT Damone

wanderer Cerveau

Xanthos Exonar

Zac Okelly

ZacNick Arrow

Zaith Hax

Zeak Binder

Zebeker Serevi