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Bay City TSL Parcel Pre-Order List

The Fine Print

  • You have until June 1st to claim your parcel as listed here. If it is not claimed by that time, it will be set to "sell to anyone".
  • We've done our best to honor requests for size, proximity and number of parcels, per the order form. As such, this parcel list is final...please don't ask a Linden for a different parcel.
  • All Bay City sims allow for 2x prims.
  • Parcels cannot be divided or joined.
  • All sales are final.

The List

(in alphabetical order)

Alex Harbinger Bob Bailly Emporer Spitteler Eric Mauvaise Geeky Han Gello Canning ironinjax andrew Jay Clostermann Jefferson Emmons Jon Daikon Kaeman Demar Krypt Aeon mikey Hak Spark Kirax Storm Basiat Sylver Bu Syn Swindlehurst Ty Dejavu