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== Other LSL Wikis ==
== Other LSL Wikis ==
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* <STRIKE>[http://www.lslwiki.net/lslwiki/ lslWiki]</STRIKE>  ''(Site may have been canceled or missed payment)''
* [http://www.lslwiki.net/lslwiki/ lslWiki]
* [http://rpgstats.com/wiki/ RPGStats lslWiki] (Mediawiki Mirror / Japanese Translations)
* [http://rpgstats.com/wiki/ RPGStats lslWiki] (Mediawiki Mirror / Japanese Translations)

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Welcome to the Second Life LSL Portal!

This is a community effort to provide accurate documentation for the scripting language of Second Life: LSL.
It is intended as an open documentation resource to help scripters of all skill levels. Please feel free to edit and add to the documentation. See also How to choose a wiki.

Want to learn LSL? Try one of the LSL Tutorials.

Please do not copy information here from other sources, unless you are sure about the copyright issues. See Talk:LSL Portal for more information.

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