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Script protocols and known chat channels

Some times, scripts in Second Life send messages to one another to exchange information or coordinate behavior. The rules for that conversation are a protocol. Being able to say "/1show" or "/1hug lee" are examples.

Such protocols use a common chat channel. The examples above use channel 1. They could just as easily have used any other number, but a user (and other objects) have to have some way to find the correct number.

Some protocols, such as combat systems, are quite complicated and could be better documented. This page can be used to help prevent conflicts and allow multiple programmers to coordinate the protocol definitions.

Protocol list

Add a protocol here if it is widely used, or might be sometime in the future.

A protocol in this list should also have its own pages where the protocol is defined in some detail.

Name Creator Description
LockMeister System Kyrah Abattoir Used to coordinate different parts of bondage toys.
AutoBahn grumble Loudon Automatic vehicle system for cars,trains, roller coasters

Known chat channels

This list is intended to reduce the number of scripts using the same chat channel number. Please try and keep them in sequence.

Channel Creator Description
1, 4, 5, 9 Unknown Very common in poseballs Hide, Show
20 Unknown SafeZone interface (combat system)
33 unknown Collar
42 unknown Common channel used by wiki example scripts
66 Travis Lambert BanLink default chat command channel
77 Xarrk Dagger KAIIA Systems devices default chat command channel
88 Cadroe Murphy Used by ShapeGen and other building tools
99 unknown Dance Bracelets
888 Xarrk Dagger KAIIA Systems device identification channel
10748, -10748 Lee Ponzu Commonly used in scripts by Ponzu
31984 unknown ACME interface (combat system)
-504xxx Gal Canning only whispered inter-prim communication