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STATUS: proposal

version: 000

The idea of this ORG x-tension comes from the site built by Latif Khalifa.


Description of !x-gridurl

The controller tells the relay to open a Web site and to send its URL in a server outside SecondLife. The syntax is


where (http://)server.subdomain.domain is the URL where to send the URL of the server with the command

(http:)//server.subdomain.domain/reg?avatar=<uuid_of_the wearer_of_the_relay>&url=<current_url>

The acknowledgment of receipt of the relay is


if the command is accepted (URL created and registred in the site server.subdomain.domain); otherwise the acknowledgment is


The relay will take care of resending the URL after a new rezzing, or if the wearer changes of region. The controller will be able to get back the uuid key of the relay by the command <lsl>

llHTTPRequest("http://server.subdomain.domain/gorelay/<uuid_of_the wearer_of_the_relay>",["POST"],"ping")

</lsl> The UUID key will be received in an event http_response().

Interest of this command

This command is intended to be used with key. Its interest is that the controller can take over a session even if the relay is not in the same region.