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STATUS: Up for discussion, but near final

Implemented in OpenCollar and in Satomi's Multirelay HUD

Queries the relay to discover the list of supported x-tensions; this way devices can query the relay for supported x-tensions and make use of them or not as they choose.
Returns the list of ORG extensions implemented in the relay
where <reply> is a list of x-tensions, separated by / where each extension is listed with a version number
-> blah,k(R),!x-tensions
<- blah,k(C),!x-tensions,tensions|000/vision|0002/listen|1021/email|0122

The relay should answer, in the acknowledgement field by the list of supported x-tensions, separated by slashes "/", followed by the version of the specification of the extension which is implemented (after a vertical bar "|"). Note that only the x-tension names are given, not the full list of meta-commands (email extension has 3 meta-commands, for instance). Note that extension names do not contain the "!x-".

Also note that one of the responses should be tensions and its version number. While it seems unlikely that the protocol would change, not responding with tensions and a version number will make it impossible to make any substantive changes should they prove necessary.