LSL Protocol/Restrained Love Relay/Bugs and Pending Features

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The following problems occured in version 1.014 and have been fixed:

Stuck: Accepting Permission Dialog after !release

Discovered by 
Maike Short
Don't accept requests after you have been freed. In case it happend, reenter the cage / sit down again; relog.
in 1.015

Force Sit during Login on the control object instead of the forced-sit one

Discovered by 
Azoth Amat
Put the script into the same object as the one the person is forced to sit on.
Broken fix attempt 
change in timer(): sendRLCmd ("@sit:"+(string)kSource+"=force"); to sendRLCmd ("@sit:"+(string)lastForceSitDestination+"=force");
This prevents @unsit to work in case the person set down without being forced. See below for real fix.
in 1.015

Stuck on crash/relog with objects asking for relay upon being sat on

Discovered by 
Gregor Mougin
Many objects check for presence of a relay and the RR viewer by asking for the !version when sat on. If the user crashes, and the object was used by someone else in the meantime (or, for testing, reset), the relay enforces all previous restrictions whereas the object doesn't know of them.
Suggested fix 

<lsl> --- RLV_v1.014a 2008-07-06 23:17:14.000000000 +0200 +++ RLV_v1.014a-xxx 2008-07-06 23:18:32.000000000 +0200 @@ -545,10 +545,16 @@

                loginPendingForceSit = FALSE;

- else - { - sendRLCmd ("@sit:"+(string)kSource+"=force"); - } + // XXX + // DON'T do it here + // Some (many?) objects ask the relay for the !version upon + // sitting on it. Since the !version is interpreted the same + // as !pong, the relay would think the object is still available + // and put all restrictions on the wearer unconditionally. + //else + //{ + // sendRLCmd ("@sit:"+(string)kSource+"=force"); + //}

        if (!loginPendingForceSit && !loginWaitingForPong)

@@ -583,6 +589,18 @@

            loginWaitingForPong = FALSE; // whatever the message, it is for me => it satisfies the ping request

+ // XXX + // force sit here instead of unconditionally in the timer event + if (loginPendingForceSit) + { + integer agentInfo = llGetAgentInfo(llGetOwner()); + + loginPendingForceSit = FALSE; + if (!(agentInfo & AGENT_SITTING)) + sendRLCmd ("@sit:"+(string)kSource+"=force"); + } + // end XXX +

            if (!isObjectKnow(id))
                debug("asking for permission because kSource is NULL_KEY");


in 1.015