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(THINK KINK's tkPBA (Personal Bondage Assistant))
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== THINK KINK's tkPBA (Personal Bondage Assistant) ==
== THINK KINK's tkPBA (Personal Bondage Assistant) ==
[[LSL_Protocol/Restrained_Life_Relay/Other_Implementations/Think_Kink_Restrained_Life_PBA]], multiple device, '''!who''' and '''!vision''' support
[[LSL_Protocol/Restrained_Life_Relay/Other_Implementations/Think_Kink_Restrained_Life_PBA|THINK KINK's]], multiple device, '''!who''' and '''!vision''' support

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Amethyst Plugin version by Felis Darwin

An edited version of the Reference Implementation meant to be used as a plugin for Amethyst collars. WARNING: This is currently a work in progress, and can cause conflicts (specifically, nullifying restrictions on release) with the standard Amethyst Restrained Life Plugin.

Adds an actual timeout for the ask dialog, periodic pinging, and locking support.

This version's subpage

Maike Short's Version

Maike Short's Relay

Dominatech RLV Relay

Julia Banshee's relay, with multiple device support.

THINK KINK's tkPBA (Personal Bondage Assistant)

THINK KINK's, multiple device, !who and !vision support