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This particular example that anyone can distribute freely as open-source only (you are not allowed to sell this code) and including the header comments is just meant to give an idea of how a relay basically works. You can find the change history at Change History.

What it does

  • Implements the specification described hereabove.
  • Commented to facilitate reading and learning.
  • Tested and working with test objects and with real cages.

What it doesn't do

  • Error-checking.
  • Access lists.
  • Lock on the avatar.
  • Handle more than one object.
  • Reject some commands by nature.
  • And so much more that makes good scripts stand out in the crowd.

How to use it

  • Create a prim in which you put a script containing this code (don't forget to name it correctly by following the "RLVnnn" requirement).
  • Wear the prim, it says its current on/off status
  • Click on the prim to switch from "Off" to "On with permission" to "On without permission" and back to "Off"
  • Find an object that implements this specification and test.

Special thanks

  • Chorazin Allen for reviewing the code, giving ideas, coding and re-coding his own scripts to make sure everything works properly between the relay and the cage, and for not killing me every time I change my mind here and there on the spec.
  • Azoth Amat and Nano Siemens for helping to find a solution to the "force sit on login" problem
  • Gregor Mougin for discovering and fixing the not-pong reply on login.

Reference Implementation

Please add fixes, new features and stuff like that to Development & Contribution.

The code that used to be here got rather outdated and had a number of unfixed bugs. Please have a look at Maike Short's Relay instead