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Beginner Tutorials

Getting Ready to Learn LSL: Before learning LSL, it is helpful to learn the basics of Second Life. Here are some pointers to getting started.

Getting started with LSL: Tutorial for absolute beginners. Basic SL inventory and navigation required.

Hello Avatar: A place to try next after Getting Started in LSL.

Chatbot: A short tutorial list of concise LSL statements that make the default wood box translucent and bouncy and then kick and spin it along, also a script to run such commands for you.

Building a dialog menu step by step: A tutorial for learners on implementing a simple, starter dialog menu system. Designed to illustrate the basic principles in layman's English.

Video Tutorial/Script editor featurettes: Features of the inworld Script editor. Look at LSL Alternate Editors for external 3rd party editors.

In-World Tutorials

Free interactive in-world Linden Script Tutorial: Bromley College has developed a free interactive scripting tutorial exhibition in-world.

You can also find the tutorial in-world by choosing Search > Classifieds and searching for the phrase linden script tutorial

Bromley College in-world Virtual Learning trials: Please feel free to come over and look around

Many free scripting tutorials that are easy to read at our College of Scripting, Music and Science: Come by to learn scripting and building.

Swiss Projects Tutorial, the Swiss Tutorial for Second Life®; interactive, inworld and in the Web, in German: das schweizer Tutorial zu Second Life®; interaktiv, inworld und im Web, in deutscher Sprache. SLURL: [1]

External Tutorials

Using LSL introductory tutorial Dr. Dobb's tutorial

Building a Clock in Second Life - Full Video Tutorial: Video tutorial for building and scripting a clock.

Using the Linden Script Language: A very comprehensive tutorial on basic scripting from Kan-ed.

Scripting Basics (Part 1): Scripting basics from Johanna Hyacinth. Also try part2 and part3.

Peter Nelson's Guide to LSL: A series of LSL tutorials from Peter Nelson. A work in progress.

A New Hampshire Coder in Linden Lab's Court: An article on discussing software engineering strategies for LSL

Scripting in Second Life: by oceanspray

Programming in Second Life tutorial for teen grid and others

Configuring LSL Scripts Using a Notecard Tutorial on configuring with notecards.

An easy to follow tutorial for LSL Guides you through creating your first fun script explaining the basic language features.

Scripting Tools

These tools are designed to ease the process of scripting, whether it's autogenerating scripts or helping you to edit them. Some of them were featured in Torley's Autoscript post:

  • Autoscript - Ann Enigma's versatile tool lets you make a script with a few clicks, then examine and edit it further. Easily add interactivity to your objects and get started scripting! Available in Français and Deutsch too.
  • Scratch for Second Life - Eric Rosenbaums’s exciting app (for Mac and Windows) in development which lets you arrange scripts visually as if they were Legos. I haven’t had a chance to even scratch (ha!) its surface yet, but watch Eric’s video to better understand:
  • Particle script generator - This formatted webpage may be easier to use than SL’s own script editor. Change your parameters and try it out inworld.
  • Encog's Particle Machine - "The particle machine allows you to specify particle effects and see them created in the Second Life world."