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Tutoriais para Iniciantes

Getting Ready to Learn LSL: Before learning LSL, it is helpful to learn the basics of Second Life. Here are some pointers to getting started.

Getting started with LSL: Tutorial for absolute beginners. Basic SL inventory and navigation required.

Hello Avatar: A place to try next after Getting Started in LSL.

Chatbot: A short tutorial list of concise LSL statements that make the default wood box translucent and bouncy and then kick and spin it along, also a script to run such commands for you.

In-World Tutoriais

Free interactive in-world Linden Script Tutorial: Bromley College has developed a free interactive scripting tutorial exhibition in-world.

You can also find the tutorial by cutting and pasting the following URL into your browser bar
secondlife://Daydream%20SE%20Islands/206/40 or in-world by choosing Search > Classifieds and searching for the phrase learn linden

Bromley College in-world Virtual Learning trials: Please feel free to come over and look around

Many free scripting tutorials that are easy to read at our College of Scripting, Music and Science: Come by to learn scripting and building.

Tutoriais Externos

Using LSL introductory tutorial Dr. Dobb's tutorial

Building a Clock in Second Life - Full Video Tutorial: Video tutorial for building and scripting a clock.

Using the Linden Script Language: A very comprehensive tutorial on basic scripting from Kan-ed.

Scripting Basics (Part 1): Scripting basics from Johanna Hyacinth. Also try part2 and part3.

Peter Nelson's Guide to LSL: A series of LSL tutorials from Peter Nelson. A work in progress.

A New Hampshire Coder in Linden Lab's Court: An article on discussing software engineering strategies for LSL

Scripting in Second Life: by oceanspray

Programming in Second Life tutorial for teen grid and others

Configuring LSL Scripts Using a Notecard Tutorial on configuring with notecards.